Global Economic Truths – Do NOT read!


Are you an individual or a small/growing/large business owner struggling with today´s constantly changing networked, platform markets? If yes, before reading this post completely, do take a deep breathe and stay centered. Because, focus and the ability of adapting to a profoundly changing global economy is only one of your major challenges.

Most likely, your business is SMALL. You never seek growth, or you think growth is too much of a risk or a challenge due to the fact that you do not a) understand how international/global markets work b) you are under financial pressure to expand your business to become a worldwide success story. Or, you were brought up with the perception that success is only for a few selected people, excluding you… Well, that is NOT true, since we all have the capability of growing and expanding our businesses to become global success stories. It is not only about marketing, yet marketing, public relations and networks are, today, a significant part of any business becoming a global success (story).

The global economy may suck. It always does. Have you noticed? We live, and work, in eras and time lapses of growth and decline. There are major so called PESTLE factors that our businesses can, or cannot, influence, and since the big collapse of the US economy in 2008, which hugely influenced Europe, we all seem to be somewhat confused and tied to how governments and banks operate in an increasingly “uncertain” world. A term, which, however, may have emerged from the purposefully pushed terminology of those who wish to manipulate local, and global, markets, according to how they want to see the world. However, our world is, and should not be, placed in the hands of a few capitalists, or corrupted governments, but instead, create purposeful and meaningful ecosystems of creativity where small business owners can thrive, and survive, and where “traditional” economies slowly, but surely, give space to the population, whose voices ought to be heard.

This post became something that it intentionally was not meant to become. At least, half of the thoughts were written down in the course of the action, without prior reflection or research. The author has, however, a few decades of global life experiences, and generally speaking does take time to ponder upon, and evaluates global sequences as objectively as possible. It is a must in today´s networked world especially. With a growing and expanding amount of social networks, media literacy and meta cognitive skills become increasingly much important for every individual in order to distinguish between what is right and wrong. The value of ethics and morals has not become less, but instead more, significant, in these times of social sharing and the possibility of literally anyone to spread “truths” and “news”. As a rule of thumb, please do always consider what you read, and what kinds of sources you do trust/use as reliable sources of information. Constructive criticism, along with common sense, have become ever more valued characteristics in human beings.

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