Twitter as a Publishing Platform

Twitter, with its more than 500 million users worldwide, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. Last year, according to a number of media sources, Twitter was struggling with its break even. Some sources claimed, Twitter would be at the end of its course, while the keen supporters of Twitter kept tweeting, sharing, re-tweeting, liking and favoring content shared by an X amount of users on a daily basis.

Why should you/r business use Twitter as a publishing platform?

Twitter is continuously improving its performance by developing its tools, i.e. becoming an increasingly much important platform for sharing news. Although the number of fake accounts may be large (number unknown), Twitter is PUBLIC, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social media networks. Unless, of course, you/your business/organization decides to protect Tweets (run a protected account). Furthermore, Twitter allows you/your business to share up to date media, news, articles, content etc. publicly to the whole world, available to anyone through a simple Google (or, another search engine) search, unlike many other social media sites where the potential customer first has to sign in/register, and has to search your content in order to find it. On Twitter, B2B branding and marketing is kept simple – just make sure to follow your target audience, or make them your followers/brand ambassadors.

Twitter has integrated its own video service, Periscope, where you can film your content and share it directly to viewers on Twitter (and, to anyone who may be interested in your content). No need to upload/share lengthy videos from YouTube anymore, unless, of course, you prefer to cross-share – upload videos on YouTube and share them on Twitter. Unfortunately, according to my personal experience, Periscope is yet quite uncommon among Twitter users, many of whom may prefer not to record live videos. Although, sharing videos is something we all should do, according to relevant social media research, stating that online video material will rise above any other shared content (i.e. written posts, images). For some reason, most of us still seem to have a huge problem with filming, and sharing recorded videos online. Perhaps we are too shy? Well, the markets always have pioneers. Get rid of your fears to share video recorded content – today´s branding and marketing is more about involving clients than impressing them. People like surprisingly strange content – make sure to be yourself, find your niche and find the right customer through segmented marketing efforts, and by involving your (potential) customers. Perfect is not always what customers are seeking – instead, make an effort to be original and different. Depending upon your industry of course.

To find out more reasons to use Twitter, make sure to download Twitter Branding & Marketing 2017. In case you have any questions, please contact me either on LinkedIn mail or through Twitter. I recommend LinkedIn mail, since I do receive hundreds of Twitter messages daily and unfortunately never have the time to read them.

Twitter Branding & Marketing 2017

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