What Can We As Consumers Do About Climate Change?

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“EU communication campaign on climate change. What you can do: Use more public transportation and cycling, turning down the heating by only one degree Celsius can cut off as much as 10% off a household energy bill.”


Note from author: There are numerous actions that each and one of us can take as consumers/individuals. The responsibility of tackling climate change does not lie only on the shoulders of businesses and countries, nor is anyone communicating about climate action just for fun. There are real reasons behind e.g. the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. What is often forgotten is that it is not enough to have these goals on paper, but we have to EXECUTE and live up to them. And, the best way to do so is to start making (even small) adjustments in your personal life, by e.g. recycling and consuming more smartly in general. When consumers start making different choices, producers and businesses/corporations have no other option than to start improving their business practices, unless they already have done so. It is also essential to prevent and tackle corruption around the world, for many a good cause is suffering due to e.g. corruption.

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