#HELSINKI2018: Trump-Putin Meeting

Putin´s and Trump´s press conference in Helsinki, Finland, yesterday was a show where two of the world´s most unscrupulous leaders stood in front of 1.400 journalists from all over the world, spitting out one lie after the other without even blinking an eye.
How much of this drama involves discussions about dominating the world energy markets with fossil fuels such as coal and gas? Both presidents seem more interested in energy questions than, for instance, in resolving conflicts such as the war in Syria that has been going on for the past eight years already, and which, as a matter of fact, has many times been stated as of being a war originating in climate change, diminishing natural resources and immense environmental concerns.
Hosting the Helsinki summit Finland´s president Sauli Niinistö brought up important topics such as the state of the Arctic region, its protection, and how damaging black coal is for the climate and for the environment.
The Finnish capital, during the summit, also served as a stage for numerous peaceful demonstrations by organizations such as Greenpeace in terms of climate/environmental and human rights issues, both of which are questions being ignored by presidents Putin and Trump.
What was really being discussed behind closed doors during the two-hour private meeting between presidents Putin and Trump remains, to some extent, unknown to the public.
Text: Anne-Maria Yritys
Read more about the meeting between presidents Trump and Putin for instance at:

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