Anne-Maria Yritys July 2018

STOP Protecting Rapists and Sexual Predators by Legislation

This post is a brief reminder of the harsh reality of how common it for girls and women being constantly harassed, either physically or emotionally: 
A couple of days ago, I was sitting at a beach in Finland in the evening. Three Russian-speaking men came to the beach. One of them said something to me before he went for a quick swim. When he came back from swimming, I just asked him if the water was warm after which he approached me speaking mostly Russian, started grabbing my breasts and hugging me. He was drunk.
I had to ask him to stop several times before he did. At that point, his friends had already left the place. There were not many people on the beach. I told him in English to go after his friends. He tried to speak some English but with very little knowledge in English, he decided to stop harassing me and finally left. I do not think he was dangerous, but I am nevertheless glad that there were other people on the beach and that nothing further happened!
Another example of how “normal” it seems for (mostly) men to harass girls and women in public places, even touching females without their permission! This man was a Russian-speaking construction worker from Estonia as he told me but he could have been of any background. Emotional or physical abuse is neither gender-related, nor is it something that happens in specific countries only. It is a daily reality all over the world.
It seems like Donald Trump´s motto “Grab Them By The Pussy” is a reality all over the world. At least current President of the United States´ approach towards and lack of respect for women and people in general, as well as his lack of regard in terms of gender-matters and human rights is not exactly making this world a better or safer place to live for anyone. 
The harsh reality in this world is that in many countries worldwide, girls and women are not even free or allowed to walk alone anywhere (after dawn) without being accompanied by a male person. Nor to choose freely what to wear.
In many countries worldwide, the unjust reality is that if a woman becomes victim of assault or rape, it is very likely that SHE ends up being accused or even thrown into jail because that country´s legislative system PROTECTS rapists!
Even in Finland (where I live) rape sentences are ridiculously SHORT. In this country, rapes are by legislation being divided into “MILD” rapes and “AGGRAVATED” rapes.
Yet today, rape sentences are far too mild in Finland for instance in comparison with our neighboring country Sweden. This has in recent years led to continuous public and political discussion about whether rape sentences should be longer/stricter. Many rapists in Finland get away with probation. The average sentence for all rapes in Finland is currently 2 (two) years in prison or even below two years on the average, taking into consideration how many rapists get away with probation.
It was not until 1994 that Finland as a country criminalized rape in marriages. Until 1994, husbands had theoretically a legal right to rape their wives in Finland.
This is still a reality in many countries worldwide.
A rape is ALWAYS a rape, and the rapist is the one who has to be punished, not the victim.