Political Target Program 2019-2023 Greens of Finland

On June 17th 2018 the Green party congress approved its political target program for the upcoming years in the Finnish political landscape. The political target program of the Greens in Finland is divided into six main sections and 44 subsections, including:

Healthy environment, climate and animals

Goal 1: Stopping climate change through international measures

Goal 2: Finland reducing emissions from energy production and industry

Goal 3: Low-emission transport

Goal 4: Sustainable, healthy, and climate-friendly housing and construction

Goal 5: Finland pioneering climate-friendly funding

Goal 6: Securing environmental diversity

Goal 7: Securing strong and independent environmental governance and operation of environmental organizations

Goal 8: Improving resource efficiency and circular economy

Goal 9: Strengthening Finland´s role both globally and in EU´s environmental and natural protection

Goal 10: Finnish agriculture to become Europe´s most ethical and sustainable

Goal 11: Advancing valuation and welfare of animals

The best education in the world

Goal 1: Keeping everyone on the educational path

Goal 2: The world´s most knowledgeable citizens through high-quality education

Goal 3: Healthy and safe educational environments to advance learning

Goal 4: Heavy investments into research and development

Goal 5: Strengthening the position of arts and culture in society

Work and livelihood from a green economy

Goal 1: Economy within the framework of environmental well-being

Goal 2: A strong role for the state in balancing conjunctures

Goal 3: Securing good public services through a sustainable public economy

Goal 4: Ensuring fair markets

Goal 5: Increasing employment rate through many-sided range of means

Goal 6: Improving conditions for entrepreneurship

Goal 7: Creating new work and accelerating innovations

Building welfare and preventing poverty

Goal 1: Narrowing down income and wealth gaps

Goal 2: Development of social security to enhance and encourage individual activity

Goal 3: Sustainable reform of social and health services with increased prevention 

Goal 4: Defending those in most vulnerable positions 

Goal 5: Ensuring well-functioning services for aging population

Goal 6: Ensuring sustainability and justice of pension system

A feminist, democratic, and open society with respect for human rights

Goal 1: Improving the position of all genders and dismantling discriminatory structures

Goal 2: Equal treatment for all family forms

Goal 3: Identifying and acknowledging diversity of genders

Goal 4: Ensuring accessibility 

Goal 5: Immigrants as equal members of community

Goal 6: Improving rights of minorities and ensuring fruition of human rights

Goal 7: Advancing direct democracy and open decision-making 

Goal 8: Making Finland the world´s most intelligent and open society

A solidary EU, increasingly much sustainable global politics and a safer world

Goal 1: Securing human rights and executing ambitious environmental and climate politics throughout the EU

Goal 2: Increasing democracy and transparency of decision-making in the EU

Goal 3: Improving quality, openness and influence of development cooperation

Goal 4: Implementation of responsible monetary and economic policies

Goal 5: Advancing democratization of global organs

Goal 6: Advancing fair trade policies

Goal 7: Updating security and defense politics as a response to contemporary threats and to safeguard vitally important features of society

Source: Vihreät/De Gröna/The Greens. Vihreiden Poliittinen Tavoiteohjelma 2019-2023.

Käännös/translation: Anne-Maria Yritys 28.9.2018


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