Chanterelle. A-M. Yritys 2017

What Do You Know About Climate-Friendly Food Production?

In Finland supermarkets are selling plenty of different rice products while at the same time, our domestic barley has nearly been forgotten. Barley is an inexpensive, domestic, tasty and climate-friendly alternative to rice, the cultivation of which according to research, alone causes at least seven (7) percent of all methane emissions worldwide.

Replacing rice consumption with barley is thus an environmentally friendly act.

Finland is home to valuable foodstuff that can be marketed not only in Finland, but to the rest of the world. Why do we, for instance, pay high prices for foreign superberries while our own forests each year produce our own vitamin bombs?

Do we understand the value of our own (natural) food products? At the time being, Finland already exports tons of porcini to e.g. Italy each year.



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