Why is Google Shutting Down Google+ ?

If you are active on social media and using various Google products and services, such as search engine Google (which accounts for around 70% of all Internet traffic worldwide at the time being), GMail, Google Drive, GSuite, Google Analytics, Google Ads, YouTube, and Google Plus, you must have heard by now that Google is actually about to shut down Google Plus in April 2019.

Why is that, and how will it affect you and/or your business?

Well, according to a number of sources, including SEJ – Search Engine Journal´s article by Matt Southern from October 8, 2018, the primary reason for the soon to be realized shutdown is due to low consumer adoption. Unlike for instance LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Google Plus has not become a hugely popular social media network. Moreover, as sources of this piece of news indicate, Google Plus has had several incidents of security breaches (although, which social media network could claim that is has not had anything similar, or even worse security problems than those of Google Plus?).

Nevertheless: if you are active on Google Plus, i.e. and especially if you have a large following in your circles, make sure to export your valuable contacts before the upcoming shutdown of Google Plus.

Exporting/downloading Google+ data will not affect your Google+ account. Just follow Google´s procedures for how to export your Google+ circles/followers (download your Google+ data) and keep your account. Learn more about how to export your Google+ data here: Google: Export or back up contacts. 

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